Books: A little more on the new translations

A few quick points:

The new series of Proust translations:
(1) Lydia Davis translated Swann’s Way (the new translation). The amazon link is here.
Also, amazingly… the Kindle edition of this is $3.19!! Wow. I haven’t used the Kindle, but this is the price for a recent excellent translation. Because Kindle is not available here in Canada, I’ve not been very interested. But what a way to save money!
(2) The Davis translation is just the first in a series from Penguin – they used a different translator for each book. So far, I can tell you that the translation of the second volume is also excellent.

The Tolstoy new translations:
(1) I am referring to the Pevear-Volokhonsky translations. War and Peace is from amazon here.
Now, I have not read this one (when it came out, I had just finished an older translation), but I can say that it seems excellent. Extremely positive media reviews, too. No Kindle edition yet.
(2) They also do Anna Karenina, which has a Kindle price of $2.39. Ok, I am almost salivating…

I’m sure that everything that could be said about the Kindle has been said. I didn’t realize that the books were so cheap – if you are a heavy reader like me, you could easily get the Kindle cost back just via savings like above. But look for someone who has used it! Enough said.

books: the new translations

I just wanted to write a short post here about translations.

There is this wave of new translations of classics: like new translations of Proust and Tolstoy. In my view, this is fantastic. I read War and Peace last year and I still wish that I had chosen the new translation that just came out. Not sure it was available when I was choosing a translation, but just dipping into the new translation shows me that it seems like an excellent choice.

Recently, I read the amazing new translation of Swann’s Way. Felt like that Keats poem on reading Homer. Translation – it matters. Anyways, I highly recommend it.

You can download the older translations for free – but these new ones are really worth it…