Jobs: Masters or Ph.D. Student for great genomics project

here is the ad that I have been posting:

Masters/Ph.D. Student
Leading-Edge Genomics and Bioinformatics
Systems Biology of Fission Yeast

This is a great opportunity for a motivated student interested in leading-edge genomics and bioinformatics. The laboratories of Gordon Chua, Ph.D and Mark Bieda, Ph.D. are looking to train a joint student who would use systems biology approaches to understand the genomic circuitry in fission yeast. Fission yeast is an ideal model for these studies, combining the complexity of a eukaryote system with the ability to easily perform genetic manipulations. The relatively small genome of fission yeast presents opportunities to do comprehensive large scale genomic studies. The work would involve a large variety of current genomic technologies, including large-scale microarray work. Gordon Chua recently received a five-year CIHR grant to perform this work. The student would perform experimental work in an experienced yeast lab (Gordon Chua) and bioinformatics analyses in the Bieda lab. This position offers a rare opportunity to receive excellent experimental and bioinformatics training while working on the frontiers of science.

The PIs are committed to developing the careers of members of the laboratory.

To apply or for more information, please email:

Mark Bieda, Ph.D. mbieda at ucalgary dot ca
Gordon Chua, Ph.D. gchua at ucalgary dot ca