Calgary Cafes, some recs

Ok, the cafe scene is always fluid, so this is for now: May, 2008.

This is just a quick note on some cafes of interest in Calgary. As with my other posts, this is based on my real experience, not things that I read somewhere. And in every case, this means multiple visits.

1. I like Good Earth near 17th Ave. Like it a lot, actually.
Attractions: nice cafe scene
Work? yup, can write there. Lots of tables.
2. Second Cup on 16th Ave relatively near Foothills hospital complex.
Attractions: always a table available, some outlets for the laptop
Work? very good atmosphere. Stays open relatively late (10 pm or so) for now, too.
3. Higher Ground in Kensington.
Attractions: pretty cool scene, patio, food and wine besides coffee
Work? much harder here. Harder to get a table. Gets crowded, can “feel noisy” or intrusive.