2009 post: TAMALPAIS: howto open files

key words: TAMALPAIS, NimbleGen, Mark Bieda, ChIP, server

TAMALPAIS is the webserver that I created to analyze NimbleGen ChIP-chip data (note that it is not for promoter data). You can find it at:


I’ve received queries from a number of people on opening files from my TAMALPAIS server.

Some people have trouble opening the files from the TAMALPAIS server, here are instructions:

1. on the mac (modern macs with OSX, not ancient macs), this should be easy – just click on the file

(one option: transfer the files to a Mac (see above). If you don’t want to do this (I wouldn’t), then continue)
1. download the FREE 7ZIP program from www.7-zip.org
2. install 7ZIP
3. right-click on the file from TAMALPAIS and select 7ZIP from the menu, select “Open archive”
4. click on the files that show up in the archive window. At any point, you can click on the “extract” button in the toolbar in the window (it is the the large “minus sign” that is blue/purple).
5. for any of the files ending with .tar.gz, or ending with .tar, or ending with .zip, you can continue to do this procedure (starting with step #3).

There are a bunch of files in subarchives (that is, in other .tar.gz files within the archive).


If you have problems, contact me using the contact information on the About page of this blog.

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